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Knitting class - personal session


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Are you having trouble getting the hang of a technique? Made a disaster of a sweater? Just want someone to sit down and walk you through the basics to make sure you're getting it right?

This is what you need. Some expert advice and quiet patience. Also, we won't be breathing over your shoulder as customers still need serving. 

How does it work?

You book a session, we have a chat about what time works for you (and us), and you come along for an hour of one-on-one assistance. This time will be during shop hours, so we may need to pay customers attention - but this means that we won't be hovering over your shoulder and you can relax and practice. 

Plus you can help yourself to a cup of tea or coffee, and if we're organised enough, a sweet treat. 

These sessions cater up to a maximum of 3 people.

The best times for this session are:

Thursday and Friday mornings, or after 3.30pm
Sundays before 1pm

Once the weather starts getting warmer again, we'll be able to add in more times to this list.