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This is what a knitter looks like' Tee - White on Black


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'This is what a knitter looks like' is one of our tote bag designs from a few years back, but it seems a pertinent time to revive it in a tshirt (and yes I will do bags again at some point!). Thanks to the wonderful Colleen Pugh for designing this for us!

Originally conceived as a result of seeing too many media stories about how novel it was to see someone 'unexpected' as a knitter. Men, young people, movie stars. As a knitter I read these stories and rolled my eyes - if only those in the media knew! 

A knitter looks like you, me, our neighbours, our parents, our children, someone on the other side of the world. There is no limit as to who can be a knitter.

Let's wear it loud and proud and welcome anyone who wishes to make things with sticks and string to join us. 

Screen printed on AS Colour women's Mali tees.