September 06, 2012

All new Twitter Knit Chat! Hooray!

 Knit Chat on Twitter isn't a new thing - but down here in the South Pacific it can be a bit tricky to catch the American discussions.

So, why not have our own?

How it works: 

  1. If you haven't already: Join Twitter! (it's easy, honest)
  2. Hop online at 8pm NZ time 
  3. Enter 'twitknit' in the search bar or in your Twitter app
  4. Join the conversation!
Each week will have a different theme, the chance to ask any and all knitting questions you might have, occasional special guests and....giveaways! Hooray! Free stuff is THE BEST.

It's really very simple to take part. Join in, say hello, meet some new people and be inspired! 

xx Tash

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